We Design-Build Luxury Custom Homes

Building a custom home gives you the control to get exactly what you want, where you want it. The problem is that the construction process is perceived as slow and expensive, and often it is. We build custom homes the same way we develop property, meaning not only can we help you bring your vision into reality, we often do so at a cost that is less than the competition, and in a shorter time frame. We aren't building cheaply, we're just better at the business of construction than most.

For our custom home clients we offer a turn key solution to building your dream home with all the advantages of a full service development firm. This efficiency creates tremendous cost savings and real equity in the home on the day you move in. We guide you through the entire process, from site selection, through design, permitting and construction. All you have to do is make material selections, we handle the rest. Here's how it breaks down:


Design and construction are usually handled by separate entities with little collaboration. As you can imagine this creates a slow, inefficient process, and lacks a single point of accountability to the client. We serve as your single point of contact that helps you all the way through the process, from finding and purchasing the right lot, through the design process, on through actual construction process. In our experience the design-build model we utilize on our spec projects also produces the highest quality custom homes with much more cost control and potential equity. This means managing design and construction together to ensure every element is in concert with the other. The end result is building your dream home in a thoughtful way that creates real value in the future.


It all starts with the site selection. We are mindful of the price ceiling for each and property values for each neighborhood, as well as the potential resale opportunity. This way our valuation and acquisition is grounded in what the site and neighborhood will support so you have equity in your home from the start. Our experience in all areas of the real estate market make us uniquely qualified to help you build in a smart and thoughtful way. Building the right house begins with the design.


We use our the first hand design experience gained from the 1,000 + homes we've built to ensure your ideas are being translated into the architects design successfully. The next component is value engineering. We then take the design and make sure it can be built in a cost conscious manner. Our construction costs routinely run lower than market averages because we are diligent upfront in value engineering the design. We believe the client should be given options that can create savings or accommodate "must have" features while maintaining the budget goals. This process ensures a predictable and controlled construction process.


Construction does not have to be a stressful process. We use the best trades for each task, and enable them to work efficiently while holding everyone accountable to both our standards of quality and yours. We know from experience that being thorough in our design and estimating means minimizing costly variables in the field. We believe efficiency is critical to the success of the project.

If you would like to explore building your custom home in more detail reach out to us anytime.

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